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Adaş Tourism, one of the pioneer companies of the tourism sector in Turkey, has services for plane and bus tickets, for activities such as hotel reservations and tour organizations. As well as collaborating with leading airlines of the world such as THY, Pegasus, Lufthansa and AirFrance, our company has also agreements with many bus companies. While searching and offering you the most suitable option in terms of travelling and accommodation between countless choices, and also allowing you to make pleasant and economical travel plans with its simple and secure payment options, Adaş increases its service range and quality day by day. Our company, who has the sufficient experience, human resources, financial power and technical equipment for offering the best service in the tourism sector,  started to operate in terms of airport transfer as well.

Our company working for making the trip from the airports and accommodations also quality, privileged and safe under the name of Adaş VIP transfer, made a very fast start in this service field as expected just like in the other fields it operates. You can start to benefit from the comfortable service our company provides you as soon as the moment you get off the plane anytime you use airways, regardless of your travel aim being for work or vacation. Accompanied by the cheery and expert staff in their own fields that greet you in the airport, you can reach to any location you want in the city in a safe and fast way with Adaş’s latest vehicles. Thanks to our company who applies the requirements of VIP transfer concept to its end and never makes compromises from its high quality service and customer satisfaction oriented management and operation, it is possible for you to leave the airport in the fastest and happiest way and reach to the place you would go as soon as possible.

Getting closer to its aim to be the best company with its quality transfer services in the airports that are Turkey’s open face to the world in a way, Adaş, also follows the dynamics of the tourism sector and every one of the improvements in this field closely. Our company who aims to increase the customer satisfaction it obtained regarding airport VIP transfer and continuing its work nonstop, fulfils the requirements of the mission of providing comfortable, safe and economical services to the end. Being also quite sensitive in term of environment, work health and safety and inheriting the latest and most modern trends, Adaş is simply rising like a sun in the cities it provides services.

Our firm that tries to provide service with more human power and more developed equipment in the busiest regions of Turkey, shows presence in the most dynamic cities of our country in terms of touristic activities, especially such as Antalya. Regarding Antalya transfer, being the wanted name by people and travel institutions, Adaş is becoming even more liked by every passing time with its service that puts the customer satisfaction forward in both individual and group travels.


As Adaş VIP transfer, we aim to become one of the pioneers of the sector by making airport transfer services pleasant, safe, fast, comfortable and economical for our passengers; growing by following the trends and technological developments in tourism sector closely and making no compromises from its quality service and customer satisfaction principles.


As Adaş VIP transfer, we aim to see the people that we provide service to as our guests rather than customers while reaching to our short and long term goals. Increasing the environment awareness, applying work health and safety requirements, giving importance to staff trainings, internalizing the innovations that would add strength to our company with the right time and methods, using nature-friendly technologies are among our company’s most important missions.

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